August 1, 2009

My Answers to Melissa's Questions

1)Why do you stitch? Because it is what makes It's as essential to my life as air, food, and water. It makes me happy. I have been stitching since I was about age 13. Not too much during high school but die hard since I was 18.
2) On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being least important and 10 being most important what is your cross stitch passion level? It's a 10 but some days you would think it's lower. But whether I stitch every day or have weeks that I don't touch it, it's always on my mind and my number one passion.
3)If you're only option for cross stitch supplies and patterns happened to be the major chain craft stores would you just walk away from the little X? Kiss it goodbye? No way! Those stores were all I knew in the beginning and if they were all I had, I'd make do.
4)Also are you so passionate about cross stitch that if indeed your only option was the major chain craft stores, would that inspire you to create your own cross stitch pieces because you have to stitch and you've stitched your way through the whole of Dimensions catalog--because you must stitch and the thought of life without a relationship with the little X leaves you feeling empty? There have been times where I have contemplated designing my own work. It would always be an option.
5)Finally what do the cross stitch magazines on the market offer you? Do they relate to you as a cross stitcher? Do you look at them and think to yourself, who do they think buys this magazine? I guess what I'm asking, when you see the current cross stitch magazines do they make you feel like they know their readers or do you find it's more of the same? What could they do to be ambassadors for the art of cross stitch other than putting a sampler on the cover with "F-U" on it? What are we missing on a PR level that could change the opinion of cross stitch itself?
Hmmm.........complicated question. First off, I would never stitch a sampler that said F-U. Those words are best spoken, lol! There are only a select few stores near me that carry any xs mags. (near meaning closest is 45 miles away) They do not impress me, not one bit. I don't know who the publishers think are reading them. They do not appeal to me like they did in the 80's and early to mid 90's. My tastes have changed far more than the magazines have. I remember the days when Leisure Arts was my favorite designer! I don't have any suggestions for the PR of cross stitch. I have three daughters and all three have grown up having a mother who is totally addicted to cross stitch and only one of them is interested in the art. They have all stitched a bit. I was hoping to put three addicted stitchers out in to the world but alas, only produced one (and she has trouble with carpal tunnel so it's hard for her to stitch as much as she wants to).
6) Do you do other crafts and if so what are they and why do they pull you away from cross stitch? Yes, I do. I love to crochet. I just love the finished product. Small to medium size afghans are my favorite. I love scrapbooking....again, I love the finished product. I don't' get too fancy, I just get the job done. I have lots of friends who scrapbook and NONE who stitch. I love going to weekend crops, I get lots of pages done AND I get social time with friends. Two of my daughters have the scrapbooking bug. I wish I had local friends who stitch. I wish I could go on a weekend stitching retreat. My only contact with other stitchers is on the internet. I was into stamping/card making but too many hobbies, not enough time....makes me an unhappy girl. I want to learn to quilt. I dabble in sewing. I used to paint ceramics. I used to paint shirts and sweatshirts. Some crafts come and go, others remain a constant obsession.
I do other crafts I guess because I am just a "crafty" person, but cross stitch is number one, always has been and always will be.

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