August 16, 2009

Back to Reality

I returned home from vacation yesterday. My family and I spent a week at our favorite campground, North Bend Park at Kerr Dam. A full week of living in a ponytail and flip flops! It's back to the real world tomorrow, so depressing! I took my stitching and my crochet but never touched either. It's too hot outside and dirty of course. My stitching is reserved for rainy days stuck in the camper, of which we had none. I did however take my tackle box of beads and hemp. This is one craft I can do outside and vacation seems to be the only time of the year that I indulge in that craft. Here are a few pics from my vacation:

This is our campsite, site 86 in B. One of our favorites. We have stayed on this site before. The lake and beach area are just down a path from our site. We like to be close to the water so we can leave our boat tied up all week. Taking it in and out everyday is no fun!
View of our campsite from the path that leads to the beach. That's my DH cooking our breakfast. He does most of the cooking when we camp. Lucky me!

This is the path that goes down to the lake where there is a sandy beach and where we keep our boat tied. This is also my view from the picnic table where I played with my beads and hemp in the mornings and evenings.

My tackle box of beads and hemp. Are you wondering why I am showing you a pic of my tackle box on the picnic table? It's because I really enjoy playing with beads and hemp when I am on vacation. And I wanted you to see where.............................

these were made. They are my first attempt at scissor fobs. I was addicted to making them and managed to make about four per day. I'm not too thrilled with the lanyard clips, they're not as fancy as I would like but this was my first attempt and I tried to work with what I had in my box. I certainly can't use all of these fobs and I really enjoyed making them so I would like to give them away. They are free for the asking until they are gone. I don't know if my blog has any regular readers. I certainly don't manage to post regularly, but if you are reading this and you want one just ask in the comments then email me your postal address. I enjoyed making these so much that I am not going to wait until my next vacation to make more of them.

I do have a stitching finish to report. I completed a project before I left for vacation but I need to initial and date it then take a pic. I'll post it soon.

I read one book while at the lake. I usually read two and last year they were both James Patterson novels. This year I tried a new author and I am very pleased! I read "The Postcard" by Beverly Lewis. I have been wanting to read a novel by this author for a few years now and last fall at the GreenValleyBookFair I bought two of her books for $4 each. Speaking of the book fair.......if you are a book lover and are ever in the area of Harrisonburg, VA, you just can't miss this event! Be sure to check the days and hours as they are only open six times per year. So anyway, back to the book I read...I thoroughly enjoyed it although the ending left me hanging and wanting more! Most of Beverly Lewis' novels are set in Lancaster County, PA and the characters are Amish. I will definitely seek out more of these fun reads!
I'll close this post now. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Kerr Dam? Where is that? We have a Kerr Dam here in Wilkesboro, NC.