April 19, 2010

Mom and RHS

Thanks for the kind and thoughtful comments regarding my mom and RHS!  They are so very appreciated!!
Things are going well with my mom right now.  We have moved her to a place where she can get 24 hour care.  She's been there for one week now.  My siblings and I decided that 24 hour care is the only option.  Ideally we'd love to find someone who could move in with them but that is easier said than done.  There are so many issues with that, finding the right person will be very difficult.  Our solution for now is a private home in which the owner is a caregiver and keeps up to 4 residents at a time.  I relate it to you choose a private home setting or a day care center?  The woman who does this comes highly recommended by someone we trust.  My mom is doing well there although she is confused about why she is there, how she got there, who the lady is, etc.  but hopefully she will adjust soon and fall into a good routine.  It's hard on my dad too.  Just like when she was in the nursing care center after her stay in the hospital, he sees her improving, thinks she's better, and should come home. 
Wowza!!  My little blog has 13 followers now!  Yay!  I see so many blogs that have 50 plus followers.  I don't think 13 is too bad considering I do not belong to any groups or message boards.  I did long ago before blogs became the thing but eventually I left them all due to lack of time to properly participate.  I am very grateful for all 13 of you and to all of you who take the time to visit here.
Here's a pic of my RHS progress.  I haven't worked on it since Thursday.  I had a very busy, on the go weekend.

Big @$$ projects can become boring.  Do you agree?  I've never been diagnosed but I am so sure I have ADD.  I can't stay focused on one task for very long.  The great thing about RHS (and many other samplers) is that you can change it up simply but jumping over to another part of the chart.  Of course that requires very careful counting, but it helps to break up the monotony.  I am really enjoying working on this project but I am always looking forward to the next one.  One thing is for next several projects will be much smaller!

Thanks for visiting!  'Til next time......happy stitching, quilting, blogging, etc.!

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