May 2, 2010

Race Day in Richmond

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Once again the weekend has come and gone!  Yesterday was the Nascar race at Richmond Raceway.  DH and I go to both races there each year and this time we decided to bring our youngest daughter along.  I think I have brainwashed recruited a new Dale Jr. fan!  

We left home at 7 am and arrived at the track around 9 am for a day of tailgating and fun.  The tailgating was a little too much for DD.  Our neighbors on one side may have been auditioning for a new episode of "Adults Behaving Badly".  They really plucked her last nerve.  She said she would go again only if we arrived at the track at race time and skipped the tailgating.

Junior did not do very, what's new?  He finished around 29th or somewhere close.  I switched my scanner frequency to Jeff Gordon and listened to him for a while.  He's my #2 guy so I was really pulling for him to win.  He didn't and I will not put the name of the winner on my blog, Ugh!  It was a pretty boring race for the most part.  It finally got a little exciting at the end.  
No stitching pics, although I have made some progress on RHS.   I do have a small project that I have been taking with me to work on.  I actually worked a little on it yesterday.  I bet I was the only one in the sea of the thousands of people there who was cross stitching! 

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