August 17, 2010

This is my third attempt at a new post since my last one.  I get started then I can't seem to finish before something comes up that I need to do.  Not much stitching or quilting in the past few weeks.  I have been busy with wedding preps.  My daughter Kristin was married Saturday.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful reception.  I'm sad it's over but glad at the same time.  We had a wonderful time planning, shopping, and decorating.  I love my new son-in-law and we're very happy to have him join our family.  Sadly though, my new son-in-law has been stationed in the Seattle area and they are leaving in the morning.  They will be here for two weeks at Christmas.  I hope I can make it until then.  I told her I'll take good care of my grandson and she can come visit him anytime.  She just laughed.  We're all sad but happy for them to start their life together as a new family!  Being a Mom is the hardest job ever!  Here's a pic of the bride:
I have made a little progress on Red House Sampler.  I've taken it out of my lap frame and have been stitching in hand.  There's just so much fabric to keep up with.  I've looked at a couple of options.  Putting it in q-snaps is one option.  Larger rods for my lap frame is another.  The rods I'm currently using are wooden but they have plastic clamp thingies similar to q-snap but they do not like multiple layers of fabric.  Of course I cannot find my standard rods that you baste the fabric on to.  I'm looking forward to my stitching time returning however I did manage to stitch a little in the evenings prior to the wedding.  Here's my progress:
I started this post yesterday and today I added this picture and in 24 hours blogger has changed the photo upload process.  Weird!
I'm going to wrap up this post now so it will actually get posted, LOL, but soon I need to blog about the following:
  • Underground Railroad Sampler quilt
  • Amigurumi
  • Jersey housewives
  • 5 year blog-a-versary
I'm sure I'll also boo-hoo a lot, too!  I can't imagine my life with two of the most important people 3000 miles away from me!!

Thanks for visiting!  'Til next time...happy stitching, quilting, crocheting!  Peace out!


Jackie said...

Kristin is just gorgeous!

I'm looking forward to whatever you have to blog about the Jersey Housewives...

Siobhan said...

Congrats to your daughter on her wedding! She is a lovely young lady. And geez, I feel about 100 years old writing that! LOL I hope they have many happy years together. Love your Red House stitching, too!

Meari said...

Congrats to your DD getting married. Wishing them many happy years!

Your stitching looks great.