September 1, 2010

Watching and Waiting....... see what Earl is going to do.  Virginia is under a hurricane watch.  It's been 7 years since we took a hit here in Virginia.  Isabel was her name.  Wait and watch is about all we can do right now.  I dread the thought of losing power for any length of time.  We have a couple of generators but they are not large enough to power the A/C and I can't live without A/C.
By the way, Happy September!  Can you believe it's the 9th month of the year already?  I am so ready for fall.  I love fall....the colors, the holidays, the crispness of the air!  Ah, autumn!

Red House Sampler update:  SO, either (a) no one noticed , or, (b) anyone who noticed was too polite to mention it.  I'll choose A.  I made some progress recently and everything seemed to be hunky dorry until I couldn't squeeze in the rabbit on the right side of the sampler.  I counted once, I counted twice....everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be so I put it down for the night.  Monday night I took a harder look at my work and there it was!  Oh, Emm, Gee!  The mistake.  A biggie!   Take a look....look closely at the alphabet,  repeat after me: Aay, Bee, Cee, Dee, Eff.
That's right.....A, B, C, D, F!  Good grief!  My first thought was to throw this project in the trash!  I was so frustrated.  How could I make such a huge mistake?  This pic is from Aug. 4.  I had completed more on the right side...the grass, the tree, the deer.
So, it all had to come out.
At least I was able to leave the F and turn it into an E.
Oh, woe is me.  Maybe my cross stitching days are behind me.


Andrea said...

Oh, don't let it get you down girl, we've all made mistakes like that! It'll be ok...deep breaths....just keep's a gorgeous sampler and will be so worth it in the end!

Stay safe!

Jackie said...

Oh no! That had to be painful! I remember last year when I had to totally trash a project. It still hurts a bit.

Catherine said...

Oh no! I feel your pain! Most of us have been in similar situations. It is definitely a piece worth saving - it's beautiful!

Stay safe from Earl!

Christina said...

Oh no, poor you! I made a mistake on a design I stitched years ago and didn't rectify the problem. I had it framed and could never hang it in case anyone else noticed! So I think you did the right thing in un-picking, however frustrating! It's looking fabulous, keep at it.

We often whine about the weather here in the UK but we very rarely get extreme weather conditions. I don't know how I'd cope if a hurricane came to town! Keep safe.

Lisa V said...

Oh you poor thing! It would have been heaps better if it was one of the end alphabet letters then you wouldn't have had to frog soo much. Its going to be a beautiful finish though, bet you cant wait!

Nancy said...

We heard on the news tonight that Earl is headed for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Not that Earl is heading anywhere is good, but at least he isn't headed your way.

Your Red House sampler is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the bright colors.

Meari said...

Actually, I didn't notice until you said something, lol. At least you caught it and everything is back on track now.