September 11, 2010

How about a Give-a-way????

9/11/01.  For all those who lost their lives, all those who lost loved ones, all the heroes who gave all, I remember you and I will never forget.

This past July marked five years of blogging for me.  My blog is not "out there" like many blogs.  It's a quiet, not well known blog, without a lot of followers......kind of representative of my real life.  I enjoy blogging.  I can look back over my posts of the last 5 years and be reminded of things I had forgotten.  It's like a journal.  So I enjoy blogging, with or without readers/followers.  That said.....I am so honored and amazed that I have 29 followers!  Thank you so much for taking the time to be interested in what I have to say.  In the 5 years that I have been blogging I have never had a giveaway.  It seemed kind of silly to do so if you didn't think you'd have anyone enter.  I also struggled with what to "give a way".  I think it's time for me to give it a try.  I'm going to put together something and have a giveway!  I'll announce the giveaway when follower number 30 arrives.  I'm really going out on a limb here, self esteem wise, because I still fear I'll have no entries.  Please prove me wrong ok???  =)

On a stitching note, I set aside RHS briefly.  Not because of the HUGE mistake but because last year I bought the booklet "Tis Halloween by Blackbird Designs.  It's filled with charts of Halloween stockings.  I had to break my vow of not starting anything until RHS is done.  Seasonal stuff doesn't count, right?
Here's what I whipped up in just two nights:
Do you like my haunted house votive candle holder from Yankee Candle?  It has a twirly thing with dangling bats above the candle that spins from the heat of the candle.  It's so freakin' cute!  Oh, I was showing you the Halloween stocking.  I didn't have the called for fabric so I grabbed a small piece of 28ct from my stash.  Later today or tomorrow I am going to soak it in coffee and see what happens.  I bet you are supposed to try dyeing the fabric BEFORE you do the stitching?  Well, I'm a little backwards.  It's just DMC so I'll give it a go.

Today is the Nascar race at Richmond.  DH and I are always at that event.  This year we decided not to go and to put the money towards a return trip to PA for some furniture we saw in an Amish shop.  It was handcrafted and reasonably priced, VERY reasonably priced.  I'll watch the race on tv for the first time in several years.  The last two races at RIR have stunk anyway. 

I HAVE to finish RHS soon!!!  I swore it would be my last large project but that was until LHN came out with Family Sampler.  I also joined the LHN Yahoo group so I could be a part of the SAL which will begin soon.  Even if I don't start right away, I can be a part of the discussion so when I do start I'll have some insight of the project.
Well, that's all for now.  I'm thinking about what I'll do/where I'll go today.  I have new tires on my Yukon so I need to test them out!  CIAO!


Anonymous said...

Your stocking looks great, Carol and I like your haunted house!

Enjoy the race (minus the noise) on TV!

Robin in Virginia

Christina said...

I'm so jealous of your stocking. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished. I've coveted BBD 'Tis Halloween' for many months, I really must treat myself one of these days!

Catherine said...

Love that candle holder and your stocking looks great! I have dyed both before and after stitching depending on the type of thread I have used and what look I wanted to try and get.

We live in and around the Amish community - there are some great places to get furniture that is well made! Plus, you can always make a trip to the Strawberry Sampler store in Chadd's Ford.

Jackie said...

You're right - seasonal stuff does not count! Looking forward to seeing how the coffee dying goes and to seeing your new Amish furniture!

Happy 4 years! I enjoy being a follower of your blog.

Robin said...

Anything Amish is good! Love the stocking and can't wait to see the finish.
Hubby had the race on and I took a nap!
Robin in NJ

Carol said...

Wow--five years of blogging, Carol! Congratulations!!

Your candleholder and stocking are so cute. Are you nervous about the finishing? I still can't get up my nerve to try that stocking shaped finish...

Siobhan said...

Congrats on five years, Carol!

I love your stocking!! I can remember so clearly when I got that book--and the grand plans I made to stitch every stocking. I haven't touched one from that book yet! Ack. Love the Yankee Candle topper, too!

Meari said...

Technically, you do have 30 followers. I've followed you on Google Reader for years. I just don't show up in your followers list. :)

Congrats on your finish. Are you going to make it into a stocking? Or, frame it?

Lots o Luck in finishing your BAP. Recently, I was challenged to finish TMQ by Christmas!

MARIA said...

You must have more than 30 followers because I'm not on your list either like some of your other readers, and have been following you for a year now. I'm following from Spain and am kindof new to internet (2 yrs only)I enjoy all of your projects stitching and quilting too.

kmaurer said...

I think you'll definately have people enter your giveaway! We stitchers love free stuff. ;)

Scattered Threads said...

Congratulation on blogging for five years. I enjoyed looking at your blog and reading through a few of your posts. I signed on to follow to see the progress of Brenda Keyes Sampler and The Underground Railroad Quilt and of course whatever else you post.
I think you can get on with your giveaway. LOL.