October 12, 2011


Greetings!  I am so happy to welcome the arrival of fall!  It is my favorite time of the year.  This has been a year filled with joy and sorrow.  In March I was able to go to Olympia, WA for the birth of my granddaughter, my 3rd grandchild.  Also in March, I was informed by my oldest DD that my 4th grand child will be arriving in October.  It's October now, come on baby!  We had a fun summer filled with a lot of family time.  My mother, while no better, is also no worse.  Joy!  The sorrow arrived on Labor Day.  My brother's wife was killed in a car accident.  My 4 yo niece miraculously survived with no major injuries.  She and her two brothers must now grow up in a world without their beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary mother.  A tribute to Elizabeth was written in our local paper Virginian Pilot.  She was more than a sister in law to me, she was my dear friend.  We met in high school and she and my brother have been together since 1987.  I've mentioned her before on this blog two years ago (here) and when she brought me stitchy gifts from Paris

I have not touched my stitching in many, many months.  I'm sad to say that I am falling victim to old age loss of eyesight.  I have bought readers.    I am close to the end of Red House Sampler, on the border now.  It will be dedicated to my sister in law.

Some sewing has been accomplished:
Candle Mats

Tiny Treat Bag

My adventure in knitting has had highs and lows. 

Hat for baby Matthew - knitted in the round using the Magic Loop method.  Yarn is Merino 5 from Crystal Palace Yarns. Colorway is 2302.  Pattern was free with yarn purchase.

Magic Loop Baby Socks - Pattern purchased on Ravelry. Yarn is Bernat Baby.  I tried these in the Merino 5 but I kept ripping and restarting so I thought I should practice before trying again with the good stuff.
I also knitted another baby afghan which I gave to my cousin in law as a shower gift (forgot to snap a pic).  I have been struggling with this knitting thing!  Seems I lack concentration skills, must be the ADD.  My husband says I have too many things going on and it's true....I do love to multi-task!

In August, my laptop suddenly would not turn on.  This was devastating because I am totally addicted to blogs, Facebook, Ravelry, etc.   had not backed up my photos in a long time.  I had lost all of 2011 and most of 2010.  Even if I were able to run out and replace the thing, I could not replace all of my lost photos.  A tech guy at work told me to bring him the hard drive and he would try to get the pictures for me.  My DD told me to take out the hard drive and put it back in.  I took out the hard drive and that was all that had been done for almost 8 weeks.  I put it back together Monday to take it to the "big box electronic store" to see if they could salvage my photos.  For the heck of it, I decided to try to turn it on and guess what?  "Shut Up!" you say?  I'm not kidding, it came on and has worked fine since.  I'm told maybe it overheated when I was using it under a blanket so I wouldn't disturb my sleeping hubby?  Who knows, but it works and Yes, I have backed up the photos!
August also brought us a visit from "Irene".
We lost one tree, tons of limbs, and power for 3 days!  It could have been much worse!

Oh and another joy I almost forgot to mention.....I have a new job!!  I left the Dept. of Corrections to ride down the road of the Dept. of Transportation. I am so happy at my new job! Less gas, less stress, less work, less drama, and more money!!  Does it get any better than that?
I will leave you with this family photo taken in July while my DD and her children were here for the entire month!  After all, family is the most important part of our lives.  Cherish them!

I love my family!!


Maggee said...

Carol--so sorry to hear that Mike is your brother, and that your family has endured such sadness in the loss of Elizabeth. My daughter knew her and admired her Greatly. I can remember at many family gatherings, if we were talking about injustices, my daughter or her husband (who works with SE)would say "we know a U.S. Attorney that can handle that!" and we would all chuckle! She came to the baby shower for my daughter and so I got to meet her too! She was a good mom... you could tell by what she said at the shower. I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs!

Catherine said...

So sorry for your family's loss. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Siobhan said...

Carol, I am so so sorry about your SIL. My prayers are with your family. What a terrible loss.

Congratulations on the new grandchildren! Both the one that was born and the one that is still cooking. ;) I love the things you made for them!

My daughter had problems with her laptop, not sure if it's the same issues you had but supposedly it's common. Her computer would turn on sometimes, othertimes it was totally dead. The battery wasn't charging because apparently the plug area had become loose--only on Apple computers is there a magnet or something like that which makes that not happen, she was told--and that, in turn, shorted something on the motherboard. It was fixed easily enough. I'm glad your computer is working!

Christina said...

Oh Carol, what a terrible tragedy to happen to your family. Your SIL sounds like an amazing lady.
You are right - family & friends are everything - anything else is just trivial.
Welcome back to blogging - I've missed your posts over the summer. X

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