January 27, 2006

Here are my finishes for January. I hope to post monthly finishes even if they are just Christmas ornaments. I hope to finish lots of ornaments this year. Monday night is Christmas night in my Yahoo group so I reserve Monday nights for Christmas related stitching ONLY!
This one is called "The Crab is In". I stitched it as a house warming gift for my brother and his wife who's kitchen is decorated in crabs. I hope she won't think that I think of her as a "crab"! LOL (BTW, it's not an ornament)
This is Basketball Santa from a leaflet call Santa's at Work & Play. It's for my 9yo DD who loves to play basketball. Her team's current record is 3-0.
This is Bowling Santa and he is from the same leaflet. Believe it or not, I started this one in the early 90's when I bowled on a league. I finished it up for my 18 yo DD who loves to bowl at the local bowling alley on Monday nights when it's 99 cents/game.

I hope I can get a few minutes of stitching in tonight, but we have a busy night planned. We're going to have a quickie dinner of hotdogs and tatertots then it's off to a magic/illusions show at the county high school. DD is so excited. If we get home early enough, I plan to put a few stitches in Salvation Sampler.

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