January 30, 2006

I'm up for a challenge. A HUGE challenge! Melissa was talking about a knitting Olympics challenge and a crochet Olympics challenge over on her blog Musings from a 3 Bedroom Ranch. Then she mentioned a cross stitch challenge and she mentioned her long unfinished project Fairy Grandmother. So, I decided to challenge her. I promised to only work on Scarlet O'Hara (old OOP Charles Craft chart) if she would promise to only work on Fairy Grandmother (MLI). I'm waiting to hear from her if she's up to the challenge.
This would be a major event for me. I have not touched Scarlet in years!! I started her in '91 or '92 but I will give myself the benefit of the doubt and call it '92. I honestly have probably not put a stitch in her since '95 when I was assigned bed rest in the first trimester of my third pregnancy!! My oldest DD longs to possess her. I'm thinking about finishing her and giving her to Heather as a gift for her October birthday. She was 7 or 8 when I started Scarlet and she is now 21!!! I'm just not sure I could part with her. It's not like I couldn't stitch another one for myself but at the rate this one is taking me, I'd be 80!! On the other hand, it would be such a surprise and mean so much to her. I guess I need to finish Scarlet first then decide what to do with her. I would hate to constantly nag my DD. "Are you taking care of Scarlet?".... "Don't let anything happen to Scarlet!!"... yada yada. Hopefully Melissa will bite because if she doesn't, Scarlet will probably stay where she's at a while longer.

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