September 14, 2006

Big Night Tonight

Last night I made what I would call (based on what little stitching I have done lately) significant progress on Evergreen. In the last two days I have added: the T and the U, the tree above the T and U, the G, the A and the B. Can't wait to see what I can accomplish tonight (while watching Survivor!!!!!!). It's not a very large or complicated project. The hardest is part is counting on this linen. I have great vision but this linen does present a challenge. I need a good stitching light. I've been dropping hints to DH. Tonight DD has dance lessons and I need to make a pot of venison chili for work tomorrow. Last week we worked out an arrangement with a grandma at dance. She will get the girls after school, give them a snack, make them do their homework , then carry them to dance. DH and I will pick up the girls and transport them home. We'll go early enough to get a bite to eat together first. On weeks he works late, I'll go early and stitch in the car. Good arrangement. Tonight I also need to finish getting my scrapbook bags packed. (Sounds like I am running out of stitching time tonight) I'm going on one of my scrapbooking weekends this weekend. We'll be in Virginia Beach this time. It starts tomorrow at 6 pm and ends Sunday at 4 pm. I won't get there at 6 though, probably closer to 7 or 8. My goal is to finish my 2005 album and get up to date on my 2006 album, wish me luck.
I will take my stitching project with me, I always do, even though I probably won't work on it (Hmmm, gives me an idea for a topic of the week at Desperate Stitchers). At least I'll have it with me if the desire strikes and I'm over scrapbooking. If you've never been on a scrapbooking weekend, they're a lot of fun but by Sunday morning I've kind of had enough. The level of fun and accomplishment is like a scale. The more fun I have, the less scrapbooking I get accomplished. It all depends on who's attending the event and how many margaritas get consumed. ;-)
Did I mention Survivor starts tonight??? I have seen every season of Survivor except the first one. It didn't interest me until I watched it when they were down to final 3, but I have watched it ever since. I can't believe they are dividing up the players by race. It should be interesting.


Meari said...

I needed good lighting, too. So I invested in a cheap $5 swing arm lamp that clamps to my end table and some Reveal light bulbs. It makes a world of difference. I just swing it out of the way when I'm not using it.

Janice said...

Yeah for Survivor! I have watched every one except the first one also!