September 21, 2006

What A Day!

(Paragraph about bad day at work removed)
On a brighter note, I have been working on Evergreen every chance I get and will add a pic to this post tonight so be sure to check back later. I have decided that (at least for now) my UFO's will stay UFO's. I am not interested in them and to work on them will only make me not want to stitch. So for now, it's new projects only and one at a time with the exception of Christmas ornaments which I work on on Monday's.
On a scrapbooking note, I complete 32 pages at the weekend crop this past weekend and I had a great time as well! Can't wait until the next one in March!
Tonight is Survivor! What did you think of the first episode? It went down exactly how DH and I suspected it would. The Asians really know how to work together as a team. Although if they were to end up at tribal council I think they would send Cowboy packing. Also tonight is the premiere of Grey's Anatomy and CSI. I have to Tivo one and watch the other in another room. I'm sure I will be watching Grey's Anatomy and taping CSI. TTFN

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Meari said...

Do you work for a trucking company? Or a sanitation company? Those guys certainly do need to learn some manners! I’m impressed that you got 32 pages done in one weekend! Wow. I love Grey’s Anatomy. I’m glad they’ve replayed the season finale, too since I missed part of it. I get sniffled up each time I see the scene where Izzy is laying on Denny’s bed. :( So sad... And what was Meredith thinking? Sleeping with Derek on prom night, when she’s got that great hunky vet? Geesh.

Carol said...

Meari, I work for the Dept. of Corrections at the produce distribution center. We order and ship out produce to all of the prisons and a lot of the jails in VA. The drivers are state employees also. We do have an inamte work crew that comes in everyday but no problems from them!
An about Meredith....she's so luck! They are both HUNKS!