October 28, 2006

What I Did Today

Today I baked (see my recipe blog for my info). Doesn't this slice of pumpkin roll look yummy? I think this will be my baking "season of the roll". I'll do a few more pumpkin rolls and then at Christmas, Yule Logs!!! I also baked a loaf of pumpkin bread to take to church tomorrow. I didn't stitch today although I did pull out my Christmas ornaments and act like I was going to work on them.


Jodi said...

My sister and I absolutely LOVE pumpkin roll! We go to a lot of bazaars and craft shows here and no one makes it anymore. We used to hit the baked goods first. I guess we'll have to break down and make it ourselves. She's the baker in the family and would rather buy it than make it though. It looks so yummy!

Meari said...

Looks yummy! I just noticed you had a recipe blog. I'll have to check that out.

Melissa said...

Carol--that pumpkin roll looks scrumptious!I haven't made one in years. Now I'll be craving one the rest of the day. Good luck with your decision on your job.