November 4, 2006

Today I Rant

I take OTC Claritin D for my allergies. I am SICK and TIRED of having to show my ID and sign for a box of 10 stinking pills!! And a box of 10 is all that Walmart will let you purchase which is WAY under the legal daily limit. I think it's Walmarts way of forcing you to come back into the store every 10 days knowing you will probably make other purchases while you are in there. I'm all for making it difficult for people making meth to get the stuff they need BUT NOT AT MY EXPENSE!!! Do the powers that be really think that meth labs are BUYING sudephedrine???? THEY SHOPLIFT IT!!! Ok, so put it behind the counter but let honest LAW-BIDING citizens buy what they need to get through a month. I am the one suffering here!!! Not the meth labs. I use Claritin to save a few bucks. I already have one family member on to 'scripts for allergies and the copay is tier 3, the highest (another rant for another time). I suppose now I am going to have to break down and see the DR. and get a script for myself so I can get a 30 day supply and I will NOT get it filled at Walmart! Can you tell I had to buy some Claritin D last night?

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Beth said...

I am with you on the whole Claritin thing. I need that stuff to survive most days. I buy mine at Brooks and that one that I get is in a 24 tablet box. More expensive but worth it rather than running to the store every other week. Hope that you aren't one of the ones suffering through the whole allergy thing like we all are today.