November 9, 2006

My Day

I've been so busy lately, one thing after the other. I'll focus on today.
This morning I had a job interview. I just applied for the position last Thursday, it closed on Friday, and I got a call at home on Sat. morning informing me that I would have an interview on Thursday am. (most unusual but the bus. mgr is going on 2 week vacation and wanted to get the position filled fast) It's with the Dept. of Corrections in which I am currently employed (can't beat a state job!) but it's a postition higher than mine (Fiscal Tech and I'm a Fiscal Asst.) and it's at an institution (I am currently at a work center and the larger the facility, the more they can offer in salary). I feel very confident that I will be offered the position. I don't usually have such grand self confidence but the position is for accounts payable which I currently do and they stated they are very short-handed. I already work in Corrections so I know state policy and procedure and I would require very little training. I could basically jump in and relieve some of the work load on my own. The question is: will they offer me the pay I am willing to accept to leave my current job?
My current job has quite a few perks that I would have to give up.
Pros of current job: flexible hours (as long as I work 40), basically no dress code (can wear jeans, not that I do often but generally once a week), straight 8 hr day (no lunch, can eat while I continue to work), no one cares if you check your personal e-mail during the day, only one other woman (self-explanatory), can use ALL of our leave rather than lose it (referring to sick leave), smaller facility means lots of personal freedom, inmates I am in contact with are low level (DUI's, drugs, theft).
Pros of new job: title advancement, salary increase, closer to home (28 mile/day less commute), opportunity for further advancement.
Cons of current job: 72 mile/day round trip commute, lack of respect from mgmt., no opportunity for advancement (I could promote to other girls job if she left but that's it), and other petty things not worth mentioning.
Cons of new job: at an institution so therefore very by the book (which can also be a pro because it sometimes gets old when some are following policy and others are getting away with not), may lose some sick leave if you don't use it all prior to the end of the year, working around multiple woman, dress code (no more wearing blue jeans), contact (however, minimal) with higher level inmates (ie: rapists, murderers).
So as you can see, I have a lot to think about. But, if the price is right....sayanora! I would feel bad about leaving my office short-handed at a time of the year when there are so many short weeks and everyone is trying to use up their leave but this new job would want me to start ASAP ie: after two weeks notice. I've got to do what's best for me and my family. If I am going to be gone from home for 40 hours a week, I should make as much as I can possibly make. And if I enrolled in some accounting classes, I could promote quickly. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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