November 24, 2006

Black Friday!

Do you shop today? Do you get up before the crack of dawn and wait in long lines to save a few bucks? I never really have. One year a girlfriend and I planned to go (she was a pro at it) and she called me at 3:30 am and bowed out. I confess I was a bit relieved. Then another year, the only year DH did not go on a hunting trip, I talked him into taking me out but we didn't leave the house until 7:30 am and he wanted to be home by noon so he could hunt in the afternoon.
This year someone asked me to go shopping with them but I had to say no because I am home alone with DD this weekend. Bummer! But I had a plan! I want a lap top and I want a deal. I told my oldest DD (who LOVES to go out early on Black Friday) that I would give her $50 if she'd get me a lap top. She said Oh Yeah! So I gave her enough for the laptop and the $50. Last night DD2 decided to go with her. They road by Circuit City at 7:30 pm and there was ALREADY A LINE!! DD rushed home got a tent and sleeping bags and they camped out overnight with a bunch of other crazy folks. I did give her a chance to change her mind. I told her I didn't expect her to do that for me. The deal was to go at 3 or 4 am but she wanted to do it. She called me at 5:15 this am to tell me they had stopped giving out vouchers at the person in front of her. I felt so BAD and then she said PSYCH! So I got my laptop, $399 and it has a $100 rebate plus $50 to DD so my laptop will end up costing me only $350. Can't beat that!!! DH was going to get me one for Christmas. Now he can still get me other stuff too! But the savings doesn't stop there!! Everytime they hit a sale they called me. I ended up with about 10 DVD's, a 1GB memory stick ($20), a 1 GB flash drive ($13), and a memory card for DD3's camera (stocking stuffer)($13). These prices are AFTER mail in rebates so I'll have to get to it tomorrow and get them mailed. I'm sometimes bad about that. I once lost $250 in rebates in a 2 month period because I am forgetful!
PLUS, I've done some online shopping this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep after they called this morning so I went online shopping. I sure got some good deals today and I never left the house!!!

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Meari said...

I've done the BF a few times. The past several years hasn't had anything I was particularly interested in. I've been at stores at 5:30am to be the first in line. Am I getting old? I just don't feel like doing it anymore.