November 24, 2006

Here's a link to a really cool website:

I spent this morning debating on whether or not to return my Kitchenaid mixer and order one I found for $70 less on Mine has a lift bowl and I think it's a pain in the rear. I thought maybe a tilt-head would be better. Thank goodness for the internet. I researched pros and cons and have decided to keep mine. DH will be relieved. He thinks I'm a nut sometimes because I am very indecisive. I only have 5 days left before my 30 days is up for the return policy. I just had to be sure! LOL Ok, I am heading over to my recipe blog now to share what I cooked for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll stitch later today! TTFN


Carina said...


I have had both types of Kitchen Aid mixers and while I am happy with my new lift bowl (It is bigger and more powerful than my original.), I miss my tilt-head because it was so much easier to get the attachments on and off! I still can't figure out how to put on (or take off) the paddle or whisk attachment without having to put the bowl on first--such a pain! If you know what I'm doing wrong, please let me know! (I keep threatening to actually get out the instruction booklet!)

Meari said...

$70 difference? I'd be taking mine back! LOL, but then I'm a thrifty-type person. I have an Oster Kitchen center with the interchangeable everythings. I got it at a yard sale for $10. I bought a puree attachment, along with all the other standard attachments at a thrift store for $3. The pureer sells on ebay for $50+!! I sold all the rest on ebay for $50. I'm rambling... LOL, sorry!