December 26, 2006

Here and Gone

How quickly Christmas comes and goes! I hope yours was merry and bright. If it wasn't then please know you were in my prayers.
I was unfortunate enough to be hit with a stomach flu Friday morning. DD and DH had it two weeks ago. I thought I had escaped it but when it caught up to me it obviously let me know "you can run but you can't hide"! I only had to work 4 hours friday and had a stomach ache when I woke up. Went to work anyway and only lasted three hours. I realized I could not make it one more hour, but I did not make it home without having to pull off on the shoulder of a busy highway. Talk about feeling A. humiliated and B. vulnerable! After I got home I spent the rest of the day in bed and most of Saturday too. The shopping was done but I still had so much I needed to do. It ended up getting done somehow and what didn't get done didn't really matter. I was still weak on Christmas Eve and wasn't able to eat any of the food at MIL's annual open house. She has been sick herself and had not prepared as much as usual so I didn't miss out on the best stuff.
DH and I went to the midnight service at church. It was the first time I had been since 1983. It's hard to go when you have small children. DD2 was home from school so she was here with DD3. We really enjoyed the service. It really helped bring in Christmas.
I received some really nice gifts. DH gave me an iPod, a light for cross stitching, and some other nice things. There are some annual gifts he repeats each year. I always know to expect them.
DD3 gave me flannel pj's, a penguin hand towel, and a VB mesa red checkbook cover. DD2 gave DH and I a gift card to Red Lobster so we can have a date night, and DD3 drew pictures for everyone. She's quite the artist! Lots of great gifts were exchanged. 3 iPods came in to our home this Christmas. I also got a VB lunch bag from DB/DSIL and VB zip-wallet from my bosses at my old job. Off to work tomorrow (at the old job), three days then a four day weekend! Wahoo! I can't wait until New Year's Eve and the Twilight Zone marathon on the sci-fi channel. I am going to stitch and watch. I haven't stitched in months!!!

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Meari said...

So sorry you were sick over Christmas. It seems a LOT of people got the flu at Christmas. I was one of the lucky ones and didn't get sick, although on the 26th I felt pretty yucky for a few days.