January 29, 2009

Scarlet O'Hara is a beautiful project. And it's a BAP! I started her in the early 90's and it's no secret that I want her done!!! I am a few stitches away from having the right side of her skirt finished. Here's where I need opinions. I am considering NOT stitching the firescreen. Have you ever not stitched part of a project because of laziness? Ok......maybe laziness is a little harsh. I know people make changes to charts all the time, but in my case I would be leaving out the firescreen just to be finished with this project. How do you think she would look without the firescreen? Will I regret leaving it off every time I look at her hanging on my wall? Should I just see her through to the bitter end? What would you do?

Sorry about my horrible photography. I was in a hurry!

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